• Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many products can be managed with this stock manager?

    Arab Tools offers 3 types of Subscription Plan, so according to your subscription plan, you can upload up to 5000 products or unlimited products.

  • Is there any listing charges or fixed charges?

    Right now for limited time only, their is no any listing charges or fixed charges till end of 2020.

  • Is there any commissions on sale?

    Yes! we will add / adjust price, or will charge 3.5% or custom percentage as commission.

  • Who will handle shipping?

    Arab Tools will handle shipping & shipping charges like collection from vendor warehouse & deliver it to customer.

  • Can you manage multiple warehouses?

    Yes, you can easily manage multiple warehouse with same product base. However, if you have different products in each warehouse, you can add all products for each warehouse(combine products for all warehouse) and then manage multiple warehouse.

    You may contact us for more details or if you have questions.

  • Can you sell the products even if you don't have stock in warehouse?

    No, you can't sell / list your products with 0 quantity in warehouse.

  • Is there any payment in subscribing your subscription plan?

    Yes, the amount of payment depends on the subscription plan you choose. Please go to our Arab Tools Subscription Plan to read all features.

  • Is Arab Tools sells outside the UAE?


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