How to Start Selling

  • How to Start Selling?

How to Start Selling?


Are You Ready to Conquer the Market??
You Are Just 3 Steps Away!!

You are Just 3 Steps Away!

  1. Register your business
  2. Meet your customers and sell products
  3. Manage and grow your business

Register your Business

Register as a seller on the Arab Tools - The exclusive marketplace for your products and start selling online!

How to Register?

  1. Create an account with Arab Tools
  2. Enter your business details
  3. Add your product information
  4. Product listing
  5. Product approvals

Documents Required to Activate your Account:

  • Business email address
  • Phone number
  • National ID e.g. Emirates ID
  • Trade license
  • A bank account, where Arab Tools can send you proceeds from your sales

Choose the Plan

Choose a seller plan suitable to your business, from the 3 plans listed in. The benefits vary according to the plan you select.

List your Products

To begin with your business activities. Create and list your products in detail on the Arab Tools seller platform.

  • Provide product details like name, brand, category, description, images and other additional files.
  • A product identifier, such as GTIN, UPC, ISBN or EAN is available to specify the exact item you’re selling.
  • The seller can get a UPC directly from GS1 or request an exemption.
  • An SKU, which is a product ID can be created to track your inventory.
  • Other details, including price and available quantity, can be listed.
  • Use keywords and search terms to help buyers find your product.
  • You will be notified if any product you are listing is already added by other sellers and get a chance to compare the same with yours.
  • Arab Tools keeps the right and authority to reject the products that do not satisfy our standard and the seller will be notified with the reason for rejection.
  • Upon the expiration or cancellation of the seller plan, Arab Tools has the right to remove all products belonging to the seller and the responsibility to finish with the pending or previous order lies within the seller.

Start Selling

Once the seller account is activated and ready with product listing start receiving orders through our online platform. Getting sales from customers across UAE is super easy with Arab Tools, as you are now online with the leading marketplace exclusively designed for your products.

Receive Orders

The target customers will find your business easily and you will begin to receive orders. Start processing the order and manage the sales.

Get Payments

Get payments through safe and secure payment gateways integrated on Arab Tools. All transactions will be safeguarded.

Get Reviews from the Customers

You can get reviews from the customers to facilitate better sales management and also help to provide the finest customer experience.

Manage and Grow your Business

Arab Tools is the most competitive platform where you can grow the business. With the largest yield in the market, you get the abundant opportunity to expand and grow your business across the UAE market. This finest online business platform will bring in higher sales and returns in no time.

Looking to Sell Products Online?

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