Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The below conditions of use and privacy note are entitled to every seller and the associated users including business representatives, accountants, or any concerned authority accessing Arab Tools' websites for online sales and services. The information and activities commenced here may get collated in various ways whereas the subjectivity to use the same get limited only to Arab Tools. 


“you”, “your”, “yours” refer to the seller
“We”, “our” “us” refer to Arab Tools.

Login & Security 

Use of Website

  • Only registered sellers and their authorities get complete access to the website. 
  • Upon registration, you are required to accept conditions and privacy terms.
  • You are independently responsible for the user information credentials, security and access to your seller platform.
  • All business information submitted with us shall be gathered, used and governed by us.
  • We reserve the complete authority to make necessary amendments or corrections on websites at any time. However, we may/may not inform you.

Security Measures

Arab Tools provides the most comprehensive and advanced security measures to safeguard the data and information retained. To avoid any discrepancies or uncertainties in database management or handling sensitive information, security measures implemented in will help. Database and all transactions are secured here from any fraudulent or malpractices. 

Information We Collect

Arab Tools collects data from the sellers

Information Given by Sellers

We store the information directly given by sellers such as:

  • Business information
  • Contact information
  • Demographic information 
  • Financial information 
  • Consents

Auto-collected Information

We automatically collect information from the browser used by you and your customers to facilitate you with a better experience in the future. 

Third-party Information

We also retrieve information from third parties who are accessing social media platforms and other third party sites of our or your business account with us. We may use this information with your consent to proceed with advertisements or promotions.

Use and Disclosure of Information

We work with the gathered information to:

  • Fulfill a contract
  • Register for service
  • Process order
  • Participate in a contest
  • Communicate with service via e-mail/call/SMS
  • Verify identity
  • Deal with legal claims or complaints on regulatory or investigative purpose
  • Conduct market research (upon consent)
  • Advertise the products
  • Fulfill the requests from government or law enforcement to conduct any sort of reliable investigation

Sharing Business Data

We use your business data without consent for targeted advertisements. Unless and until we get consent or request from the business to exclude from advertisements and promotions offered by Arab Tools, the data will be retained used for the same.

Use of Cookies

To provide a better user experience, we use cookies on our websites. You have the authority to inactivate or decline the use of cookies, provided that user experience may be reduced. 

Storage of Data

We collect and confidentially store data to provide the best experience to sellers. All data will get retained here unless the registered account is inactive or the consent to store and use data is withdrawn.

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