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Sell on Arab Tools

Get your business placed on Arab Tools -The largest all-in-one platform for tools and hardware products and benefit unconditionally.

Sell your Products 24/7/365

Professional and customized dashboard to take care of every task related to sales.

Online and offline Seller Tools

Online and offline seller tools for all membership services to manage with business anytime.

The only Online Hub

The only online hub for small, medium and large businesses to sell products to businesses and customers.

Highly Distinguished online Platform

Highly distinguished online platform to connect with manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers.

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Dedicated Account Management

Dedicated account manager feature exclusively available for seller members facilitate with the best sales experience. Businesses can meet their clients and do real-time business virtually with the advanced and dedicated account manager privilege. The complete control, monitoring and management of the individual sales platform given to sellers realize the means of online business with the easiest and convenient approach. 

Marketing Management

With the wider network, Arab Tools precisely yield a large number of customers. Grabbing more clients with minimal marketing efforts and expenditure is one of the greatest benefits sellers could earn with this platform. Marketing experts of Arab Tools will promote every listed product through digital marketing platforms. Throughout the membership service, you will get marketing tips and guidelines suiting the product categories. Hence, meeting the targeted group of customers is super easy here. Just enroll your business and count on sales, that’s it!!

Sales Management

POS feature helps the sellers to track sales, cash flow, inventory and help the business to simplify bookkeeping and management. POS is designed to enhance the seller’s business efficiencies along with improved customer satisfaction. 

  • Advanced POS
  • Seller Database
  • Sales/Promotion/Discount Notifications
  • Easy to set Variants and Filters
  • Buyer support with how to use videos

Purchase Management

With Arab Tools, sellers can manage their purchases easily. Customer management and sales will be super easy with a unique dashboard and user-friendly interface featured in. Every activity, service and performance that induce the best purchase experienced is well catered here. 

Supply Management

Manage your suppliers as well as the distributors with advanced supply management tools added in. From the acquisition, storage and dispatch, Arab Tools helps the sellers to efficiently handle a versatile supply management practice. 

Accounts and Finance Management

Arab Tool provides access to manage your accounts / financials easily. All activities of the client’s service can be tracked and managed. An advanced seller database will help to manage accounts and finance easily. You can also generate account statements and financial reports from the unique dashboard. 

Multiple Warehouses 

Arab Tools provides a comprehensive delivery system that can integrate your sales and warehouses located anywhere in UAE. With a widely networked delivery management system, we support the client to proceed with any number of orders from multiple localities. We deliver every product finely packed and damage-free.

Report Center  

The exclusive access to our reporting system helps the sellers to monitor overall sales, traffic and product performance and more reports to help you manage your business.

Auction Center

With the sleekly designed auction center feature, we provide the sellers to be the bidders who can reach maximum customers. The auction center provides a very good solution to gain a quick cash injection and to clear your warehouse in case you have storage issues etc. 

Secure Payments and Transactions 

All transactions/database are loaded on a cloud server and does not require physical attendance in the office location. Buyer and seller can virtually communicate from anywhere around the globe. With advanced payment gateways and security measures implemented in, all payments are quick, easy and secure. 

Ad Solutions

Ad solutions to help you find, attract and engage thousands of customers at every stage of their journey. We have two advertising plans for products listed on Arab Tools. These plans are available free of cost to Plan A subscribers and on payment for other categories of sellers.

1- Advertising on our Website/Banners: We advertise seller’s brands/products or other services that the company provides on our websites. The seller can choose on the products that have to be promoted through our pages or to be listed in offers or deals. 

 2- Digital Marketing Advertising: We advertise the seller’s products and brands through our digital marketing platforms. Modern and trendy marketing tips and efforts will be integrated well and result in earning more leads. 

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