Conditions of Use

  • Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

Sell on Arab Tools

  • The seller cannot sell the same products that they are selling in our platform on other online platforms for the next 5 years and the contract gets to be renewed automatically if both parties have no objections. 
  • The seller cannot sell the same products that they are selling on our platforms at a lower price in their shop than we are providing for B2B platforms.  
  • The seller has to inform us of any promotions on the same products that they are selling on our platform.
  • The seller should disclose the information related to quality control, penalties returns, etc.
  • The products will get moved from the categories upon the end of the subscription period and the seller should provide and complete the previous orders. 
  • The seller cannot change the prices after added the first time without the admin approval.  
  • The quantity that the seller added online should be the same quantity that existing in a section which the seller created and any items removed from this section should reduce the quantity online.
  • All the attachment that mentioned online should be included with the item. 


  • The listed products or items of your business should abide by the rules and regulations of this marketplace as well as the UAE’s consumer law.
  • The item's specifications and features should be the same in online and physical products.
  • Customers purchase the products on the basis of given in specifications such as prices, features and other details, with that you are required to fulfill the same with each processed order. 
  • All items listed for sales should be new and good in condition.
  • No amendment or changes can be applied on contract with the customer unless accepted by the authorized representatives for genuine reasons.
  • Any error or omission in any sales literature, price list, quotation, acceptance of offer, invoice, other document or information shall be subject to correction. 

Risk and Title 

Arab Tools is not responsible for any risk or uncertainties associates with the sale of products. Any kind of risk on the products shall remain with the seller all sort of claims or procedures has to be accepted by the seller.

Authorization & Warranty 


  • The warranty / guarantee offered to each product is the liability of the seller and the terms and conditions to avail the same has been specified clearly with the buyer contract, provided that no discrepancies are further developed between the seller and customers.
  • The warranty against damage/ loss/wear and tear/willful damage/negligence, abnormal working conditions/failure to follow instructions, etc., has to be clearly specified.
  • The claims towards the breach of any warranty or any misrepresentation have to be included in the contract with the buyers and no disputes between the seller and the buyer get valid on account of Arab Tools.

Order Processing 

The seller is responsible to process with orders received in and upon the purchase confirmation. All specifications made during the purchase confirmation get valid as a contract to be fulfilled without any delays or omissions. The seller shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound to accept the contract and move ahead to further procedures.

Order Handling  

Canceling the Order

  • Withdrawal or cancellation of orders is at the sole discretion of the seller.
  • The seller can cancel the orders upon breach of contract or failure to pay on time.

Return Policy, Refund and Exchange

Return policy, refund and exchange is the liability of the seller, provided that a clear note on terms and conditions of the same has to disclose to buyers.


The sellers are responsible to collect and consider the feedback given by the buyers as well as any well-wishers and to follow the norms and regulations of fair and ethical business practices. 

Law and Jurisdiction

All disputes or differences of opinion relating to these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Change in Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions of Arab Tools may subject to changes at any time, which may or may not reach you all time. 

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